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Barcelona Fun Science is dedicated to creating novel opportunities and accessible spaces for non-scientific adults to express and explore their curiosity about scientific ideas independently of educational background or career direction.

We're engaging new adult audiences, building interdisciplinary bridges between science and society, and creating an open, welcoming community to connect individual experiences and skills with science.

We believe that nobody should feel excluded or intimidated by the science industry and it's ever-increasing role in innovation, technology and progress.

We believe that everyone should feel confident to ask questions about science and health.

Barcelona Fun Science is founded and coordinated by Rachel Cruickshank

Rachel Cruickshank MBiochem

Freelance Scientific Project Manager, Science Enthusiast & Entrepreneur

I am a professional scientific communications project & events manager from London, currently based in Barcelona and the UK.


I believe in creating amazing, accessible opportunities for curious non-scientific adults to have fun and feel comfortable exploring, asking questions about, and playing with the science of the world around them.

With Barcelona Fun Science, we're recreating the child-like excitement of scientific adventures, free from any associations with career objectives or pressures of what you studied previously.

Fun science for curious adults. No science experience required.

Please do get in touch - to say hello, ask a question, get involved in Barcelona Fun Science, book a private event or to collaborate.

Big ideas start with the smallest steps...

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