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Why making people feel good is the whole point - Technically Funny Radio Show [Press Feature, EN]

On Tuesday, 28 November Rachel Cruickshank, Founder of Barcelona Fun Science, was invited to speak on the Technically Funny Radio Show (Barcelona City FM 107.3), with Technically Funny Host Dr Matthew Murtha.

Listen via the link below to find out more about the philosophy behind Barcelona Fun Science, why making people feel intelligent is the most essential part of science engagement, and how as a scientist you can better understand the motivations of your audience and adjust your content to reflect this,


We also discussed 'sideways scientists' (alternative careers in science), the amazing upcoming Barcelona Fun Science Events Programme, and brand new professional community Barcelona SciComm Social, kicking off in January 2018.

Check it out, and as always we'd love to hear from you with any ideas, collaborations or feedback!


#press #Barcelona #advocacy #innovation #adults #niche #science #training

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